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Comprehensive information on all NHS services, health and medication. This page opens with an explanation of the NHS 111 Service; when to use it and how. Elsewhere on this site there’s advice on living a healthier lifestyle, the variety of social care services available, health news and details on the e-referral  service and more. Use the menu there is so much useful and possible life-saving information here.

This is the BSUH search tool for Patient & Carers Information Leaflets. If you enter a subject in the search box the tool will return a list of leaflets and other documentation. This is an enormous and valuable store of information.

Here’s your “one-stop-shop” website for the Centre. A splendid resource providing users of the Centre everything they need to know about the services provided by the Centre, the staff who deliver those services and how to find your way around.

NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme is offered every two years for those who are aged 60 to 69; the programme is now being extended to those aged 70 to 74. Go to this website for more information on the screening process, test-kits etc.

The colorectal family history service is based at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. The service assesses your family history of cancer to determine appropriate screening and whether or not genetic investigations are possible within your family. The service is lead by Dr Suzi Green and managed by Family History Nurse Specialist Kirsteen Daly. A referral from your GP or hospital consultant is required.

The Stoma Care Department provides both physical and psychological support to patients, their carers and families both in the pre operative and post operative stage of treatment.