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 Brought to you by AITC, the charitable arm of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. We’re working across Sussex to help make sport accessible for all, tackle inequality, improve health and education, and provide opportunities.

 Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is the only international cancer support charity, providing practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers suffering from the visible side effects from cancer treatment. LGFB is dedicated to improving the wellbeing and self-confidence of people undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Many beneficiaries tell us that LGFB helped them regain a sense of control and normality at a time when diagnosis and treatment had taken over their lives.

Research suggests that walking is possibly the single most effective and accessible forms of physical activity, and health professionals now recommend that everyone should aim to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise (such as walking) at least five times a week. Because walking is such an accessible form of exercise it is particularly beneficial to those who are getting little or no exercise, recovering from illness, or lacking in confidence. Many of the walks are also wheelchair and buggy-friendly. 

 Brighton-based Community Musician, invites you to experience the joy of singing in harmony. She will teach you some simple songs by ear. Everyone is welcome to join in and no singing experience is necessary. “Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins” Stacy Horn, Time Magazine, Aug 2013. Julie runs Community Choirs in Brighton and Shoreham and Brighton’s Cancer Support Choir, Come and Sing. You would be welcome to join any of her choirs. For more, phone 07970 522058 or click on the image.

Our Vision is to improve the quality of life for carers in Brighton & Hove by providing services for carers to help them cope with their situation, getting the support to which they are entitled, and to participate in the community of our city. We campaign to raise awareness of carers and ensure that carers have a real voice in order to influence local public services. We aim to improve the support offered to carers and to the people they care for and to promote support for families that reduces the reliance on children as carers.

 CANCERactive aims to provide all people, regardless of age, colour, sex, race, creed or financial status, absolutely all the information available on cancer, its causes and possible treatments, so that they can make more informed personal choices and thus increase their individual odds of beating the disease.

BHT – Brighton Housing Trust. The Trust provides many services; amongst them is the Eastbourne Advice Centre, which operates throughout the Eastbourne, Wealden and Lewes areas, and itself hosts the Macmillan Welfare Benefits Advice Service. This is a free and confidential welfare benefits advice service for people living with cancer, their families and carers.

Odyssey draws on the majesty of the outdoor environment, the arts, and the stimulation of challenge, uncertainty and surprise to help adult cancer survivors overcome the emotional and physical devastation caused by their illness. Odyssey helps patients rebuild their confidence and self-esteem, engage with exercise, and take back control of their lives. Through various fundraising initiatives, donors and partnerships, courses are offered at no financial cost to the participant.

Penny Brohn UK is a national charity specialising in a holistic approach to cancer, known as the Bristol Whole Life Approach. We’ve helped and supported thousands of people through their experience of cancer for over 35 years and we know our approach really does work. We support every aspect of a person’s life, helping them to build resilience and live the best life possible, whatever their circumstances.

St Bernard Support provides assistance to people affected by life limiting illnesses such as cancer, heart disease etc. The people we help include people diagnosed with life limiting illnesses, their families and their carers. We also provide assistance and training to medical professionals and other organisations (charities, support groups etc) to enhance their ability to support people.