In Conversation with Macmillan

When is the event?
Wednesday 25 November, 6-7pm

Background to the Event
During the pandemic, Macmillan has discovered from our social media shout-outs in September (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), that 94% of people want to hear from a case study, 94% want to hear about how to manage side effects, 95% want to hear about emotional support and 91% about rights at work.

It is hoped that this event will connect people with cancer together and highlight some of the support that is available during the pandemic. It will provide an opportunity for people to hear from Macmillan professionals and other people living with cancer on themes around: treatment and care since the pandemic; signposting to Macmillan support; loneliness and isolation; rights at work; and some of the queries that may come up in the live chat.

What’s the Event Format?

6-6.30 pm Mandy, a person living with cancer, in conversation with Terri (Macmillan communications manager).  Broad discussion on themes.
6.30 – 7pm Presentations from a panel of colleagues across Macmillan, a Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Macmillan Cancer Information Support team. Broad themes will be: treatment and care since the pandemic, and the implications of the pandemic on loneliness and isolation, signposting to Macmillan support, works assessments and rights at work.

During the event, people will be able to submit questions via a live stream.

After the event, the video will still be available to view on Facebook and YouTube and there will be a shareable link to the recording.

Please find the link below to the Facebook page.

Mark Witcomb
Macmillan Engagement Lead – Surrey and Sussex
Telephone: 07458 056996
Macmillan Cancer Support 
3 Fawcett Street, York, YO10 4AH

For information, support or just someone to talk to,
call 0808 808 00 00 or visit
Tailored resources for people with cancer concerned about the coronavirus are available at
Further resources to support Macmillan professionals are available on Learnzone