Stoma Advice

Long standing C-Side members will remember Helen Bracey, She was engaging, informative and an altogether outstanding guest speaker. Helen now works for Convatec and in their newsletter she describes eight top tips for maintaining healthy skin around your stoma :-

  • keep stoma care routines simple – avoid using products on the skin containing perfumes, chemicals or anything else which may cause irritation
  • always ensure your skin is completely dry before attempting to attach the baseplate of your stoma bag
  • make sure your bag fits snugly and check the hole cut into your baseplate is the right size for your stoma
  • check your skin regularly – even take pictures to help record changes
  • if you notice output on your skin this could be a sign your bag isn’t fitted correctly 
  • a healthy diet can help towards healthy skin ask your GP for advice
  • consider a barrier cream or adhesive remover if you don’t already use them
  • as soon as you feel any soreness or itchiness around your stoma contact your stoma nurse

You can watch Helen giving this advice, in person, by clicking on this Youtube video link

Click on the Convatech logo above, to find out more about the company, its products and the information it offers to those with a stoma.

BSUH Stoma Care Service

It would be remiss to not mention here the excellent service that Kate Evans and her team provide within the NHS.

Click on this link to download the BSUH Stoma Care Service leaflet.