Chichester Canal - runs 4.5 miles from the sea at Birdham on Chichester Harbour to Chichester through two locks. Originally part of the Portsmouth and Arundel Canal and opened 1822, it fell into disuse by 1847.

About Us

C-Side is a voluntary support group for bowel & anal cancer patients in the area formed of Brighton & Hove to Seaford and north to Lewes. It is made up of patients, carers and healthcare professionals.


What support do we offer?

We offer support by providing regular meetings in an environment that is informal and friendly, where people can talk in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. C-Side aims to provide a balance between cancer-related and social activities.

When do we offer support?

We offer support around the time of … Diagnosis,  during treatment & afterwards

What can you expect from your first visit?

A friendly welcome,  an informal chat,  guest speakers & refreshments.

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