Meetings & Events

C-Side is now working from Home, we have lost our venue so the earch is on for somewhere to hold our meetings when the pandemic is effectively over! We have a few ideas but need to do a bit more research and continue discussions with our members…

… In the meantime we are running virtual meetings on Zoom. The next one is on Tuesday, 27th April at 7.00 p.m. Note the time, this is to allow those who are normally out during the day to join in.

We also publish a monthly newsletter – just a few notes and asides from our members. Here they are, to date :-

Issue No. 1 – October 2020
Issue No. 2 – December 2020
Issue No. 3 – January 2021
Issue No. 4 – February 2021
Issue No. 5 – March 2021
Issue No. 6 – April 2021


Whatever the new meeting venue arrangements are going to be, as an alternative to driving (and subject to safe practice) why not travel by bus? Click on the picture to get to the Brighton & Hove Bus Company’s website – lots of timetables, maps etc. to help plan your journey.