Meetings & Events

Our next meeting is on location!

Tuesday 25th July is the date for our annual Summer Walk, the plan is to meet up at the Devil’s Dyke car-park at mid-day. There are a number of short walking opportunities in the area, for those who wish it, and a table will be booked in the restaurant for 1.00 p.m. Please let Denise know if you would like to come. This is a link to the pub/restaurant’s website, you can check out the menu and see how to get there. (Please note: whilst the restaurant/pub’s address is shown on the website as “Dyke Road, Poynings” it is physically located on top of the Downs and can only be reached, but perfectly easily, via Devil’s Dyke Road, which itself has a junction with the A27 at the West Hove turn-off). There again, why not catch the bus? No. 77 runs every half-hour and takes just a half-hour to get from the Palace Pier to Devils Dyke. See below for the link to the Brighton & Hove Bus Company’s web-site.


cottageThis is where we normally meet … St Margaret’s Cottage looking east from The Green. To get in go through the entrance visible just to the right of the picture.

Our meeting are held on the last Tuesday of each month (except for July and December) starting at 2.00 p.m.; typically, they last about 2 hours.


As an alternative to driving about why not catch a bus?bus
For more information on Brighton and the wider area’s bus services click on the bus ….