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Self-Management and the “app”

Electronic devices for home use which measure physical health parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and activity etc. proliferate. Results from them may be shared, usually as a part of a treatment programme, with a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. However, what is not being regularly monitored is the patient’s general health and well-being. IT companies have been encouraged to develop software to allow  patients to record and display this at home, using a mobile programme or app – one such is Vinehealth.

It would be good if C-Side members, could evaluate this, since there is no doubt that programmes such as this will become commonplace in the not too distant future.

You can learn more about Vinehealth here (or click on the picture). You can download the app from the App Store (Apple) and Google Play, It is free to download and use and is unlikely to present any risk to confidential information. Remember it is a mobile app, designed for use on a phone (IOS or Android) or an iPad; not at present on a laptop or similar.